Some of the favorite work over the years.

K8ROIS by Spencer Dinwiddie (Various Product Designs)

TCG Luxury Athleisure Footwear Designs ls Design & Development

Luxury Footwear Techpack and Development

Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani (Various Product, Graphic, Packaging Designs)

NSO Luxury Footwear Design & Development

Kazar European Luxury Footwear Designs

Vilebrequin Watch Designs & Various Graphic & Product Designs

AND1 Basketball Shoes Design & Development

FEVO - Women's Interchangeable Sandals/Footwear Design and Development (Packaging & Graphics Designs)

Sit Twister Exercise Equipment & Accessory Designs

CTRL Wakeboard Boots Design & Development

Danny Kass VANS Signature Models Design & Development

Speedrank Football Cleats & Training Footwear Designs. (Logo & Various Graphic Designs)

AGUAS various Surfing inspired Apparels

STOMPAS Winter Footwear

MESSENGER 841 Various Messenger related Product Designs.

Danny Kass VANS Signature Models Design & Development

diff Footwear Design & Development

VANS Snowboard Boots Design & Development

celsius Snowboard Boots Design & Development

DIZM Eyewear and Various Graphic Designs.

Sole Technology Various Skateboard Shoes and Snowboard Boots Design & Development

Children Shower System Concept Designs

Dune Buggy Camping Stove Concept Designs

Sketchbook Part 1

Sketchbook Part 2

UDL (Universal Domino League) Game & Packaging Designs.

ERA Skateboard Shoes and K-SWISS Footwear

OLD GUYS RULE Watches & SoulSoles Energy Sandals

Hygiene Product Packaging Designs

Various Accessory Designs

Various Time Pieces Designs

Various Product Designs

Watch Designs

Fitness Watch and VOLCOM Wok Boots designs

Ision Footwear and Everything Footwear related Products Design and Development

POME Various Product Design and Development

Logo Designs

Action Photos

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